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General Affairs DepartmentPress Section新聞課
General Affairs DepartmentDocumentation Section文書課
General Affairs DepartmentGeneral Affairs Section庶務課
General Affairs DepartmentLegal Affairs Section法制課
Social Affairs DepartmentSocial Welfare Section社會福利課
Social Affairs DepartmentSocial Welfare Building社會福利館
Social Affairs DepartmentSocial Affairs Bureau社會局
Social Affairs DepartmentLabor Administration Section勞工行政課
Social Affairs DepartmentSocial Affairs Administration Section社會行政課
Tourism DepartmentMainland Affairs Section大陸事務課
Tourism DepartmentTraffic Administration Section交通行政課
Tourism DepartmentTourism Planning Section觀光企劃課
Tourism DepartmentTransportation and Tourism Bureau交通旅遊局
Tourism DepartmentTourism Business Section觀光業務課
Public Works DepartmentPublic Works Quality Control Section工程品管課
Public Works DepartmentKinmen Inspection Station金門檢疫站
Public Works DepartmentWater Resources and Sewage Systems Section水利及下水道課
Public Works DepartmentCivil Engineering Section土木工程課
Public Works DepartmentPublic Works Bureau工務局
Public Works DepartmentConstruction Section建築工程課
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