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  • Date:2019-02-27


1. Number of Representatives: 9 representatives of JinNing Township were elected by voters of the town.

2. Chairperson and Vice Chairperson: 1 Chairperson and 1 Vice Chairperson, elected by representatives anonymously right after Swearing-in Ceremony for Representatives.

3. General Assembly and Review Committee:

(1) General Assembly is the highest decision-making units in the Council, and it holds regular and irregular meetings:

a. Regular Meeting: held once every 6 months in May and November each year. The duration of each meeting is 12 days.

b. Irregular Meeting: At the request of the township mayor, or the Chairperson, or more than one-third of the representatives. The Chairperson should call for the irregular meeting. The duration of each meeting should not exceed more than 3 days, and the frequency should not be more than 5 times in a year.

(2) Review Committee: Each representative should not join more than one review committee. The Review Committee should be proposed by the Chairperson and approved by the General Assembly.

a. First Review Committee: Review civil affairs, society, administration and personnel affairs.

b. Second Review Committee: Review construction, finance, budget, accounting and statistics.

4. Staffing:

(1) At war time, staff of JinNing Township Administration or service center was assigned by Kinmen County Government to be part-time secretary and assistants.

(2) At post-war time, full-time staff was officially assigned by Kinmen County Government in 1993. 1 secretary, 1 team member and 1 janitor were deployed to handle affairs of the organization.